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Welcome to Primary purpose of creation of this site is to help people in making professional quality invoices on DIY basis. These free Invoice Tempalte will not only give you an idea about how invoices are like but will also provide you as a practical example for it.

We do hope that these invoice templates will be of much value to you.  A service provider or a product seller or a manufacturer in a business needs to run to raise a bill or invoice for service provided or product sold to realize the agreed price as a part of the business. An invoice is basically a commercial document indicating the sale or a service transaction of a business. It carries the monetary value and all statutory information on the sheet clearly to satisfy the documentary needs of the client also as a business document.

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Need of an invoice:
Invoices are prepared based on the contract of commercial terms and conditions between the seller and the buyer OR a service provider and a client who are in the business transaction of money and invoice documents. It is needless to say that the invoice should comply with the most important commercial data that binds parties involved in the business transaction. Invoice should also present a perfect and clear calculation of the price, taxes and cost of any other duty values so that the appropriations of the payment to the respective nodes will become easy and transparent. Thus it fulfills the legal and statutory needs of the regulatory and Government authorities.

Why Invoice Template?
Preparing the invoice for each and every business transaction or part of a whole contract, under this situation may lead to major or minor mistakes in the valuable billing document. The payer and the payee enter into an unwanted deadlock due to inadvertent mistakes and typo errors that may occur in this piece meal process of billing then and there without a format. Necessarily the business houses need to have a standardized format or Invoice Template invariably for each vertical of the operation of the business house. These invoices are normally handled by accounts, commercial, technical or process and procurement departments of an organization.  Invoice Template is the only solution.

A typical invoice template contains                                                                                
·         The word invoice 
·         Terms & conditions and service or sale contract reference
·         Tax payments (Income Tax/Service TAX/VAT if any)
·         Tax deduction, if any

·         Purchase order number (or similar tracking numbers requested by the buyer to be mentioned on the invoice)
·         Description of the product(s)
·         Bank Account details for effecting electronic transfer of payment
·         Total amount charged (with breakdown calculation of taxes)
·         Reference number of buyer’s commercial, accounts and user department
·         Certificates of compliance or completions of service if any
·         Payment terms as monthly, half yearly and yearly once
·         Place for signature of authorized person

Modern days’ payment process:
Invoices can be sent on email too. In fact this is a simple process and aims a paperless work. Soft copy of the invoice is internally process by the corporate companies in their soft system. Similarly companies that are using ERP system or SAP give an authorized user account on their portal for processing invoices online and with facility to track the payments also.

Some of Invoice Templates are

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Auto Invoice Template

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Excise Invoice Template

This is the best Excise Invoice Template available online for free. An excise invoice is a business document that lists the goods which is issued from a manufacturing plant and reveals how the excise duty is applied to it. Customers can probably make use  …


Please be advised that these invoice templates are provided for free and using it is solely your own decision and therefore we can not offer any guarantee of their results or effectiveness.

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